Erasmus plus "European Entrepreneurship Programme"

Main activites

What makes our project unique.


To prepare, test and implement a comprehensive training workshop programme on European entrepreneurial skills.


To run a 5 day training workshop for students.

Dissemination activities

To further multiply the training ideas (workshops for the youth in the partner countries).

About the Project

European Entrepreneurship Programme

Partner organisations from Poland , Germany and Italy have been cooperating for considerable amount of time to define the mutual understanding of European entrepreneurship and exchange their experience on the situation of the young people (aged 16- 30) on the local, national and European market. Having defined together the major elements of the term “European entrepreneurship” we decided to create the comprehensive “European Entrepreneurship Programme”, implement and test its effectiveness on the chosen group of the youth form the partner countries. We all perceive building entrepreneurial skill as extremely vital in shaping the potential of the youth, especially taking into account the fact that the majority of the young people involved come from underprivileged environments (geographically or socially) and they are not supported enough in terms of entrepreneurial skills. Building and reinforcing those skills will have a positive effect on their further learning and career paths. In the long term it could contribute to building the European economic youth potential.

The programme will be based on the innovative working method Madia Lab which will enable to successfully activate young people and shape their entrepreneurial life attitude which is defined and understood by all the partners as:

  • overcoming mental barriers and certain behavior patterns
  • openness to mobility on the national and international level
  • flexibility and openness to change
  • the ability to set clear goals and maintain the internal motivation
  • team work and intercultural communication skills, understanding and accepting different team roles, the ability to work in virtual teams

Project team

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Beata Pasikowska

Project Manager
Beata is a long-term project manager and trainer. She is a certified ICF Coach and had a great deal of experience in career development related activities, leadership trainings and implementing innovative teaching and training methods in business and education context.
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Magdalena Mazik-Gorzelańczyk

Project Manager
The Chairperson of “Faveo” Vocational and Intercultural Training Foundation. Magda is also the academic teacher. Her professional activity concentrates on Polish-German cooperation with respect to the job market, EU funds and innovations in Education.
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Łukasz Piórowski

Account Manager
Łukasz is a PRINCE2 Practitioner certified project manager with over 8 years of professional experience. He’s been managing various initiatives that concern such issues as entrepreneurship, educational and professional activation, knowledge exchange, innovations in diversity management.

Project partners